Management Development

8 Modules delivered in 8 days across 8 months, with 1 focus - YOU!

A practical approach to managing yourself and those around you, this unique CMI-recognised programme will help you set up and make a difference. Having trained over 300 managers across the Highlands & Islands the VLA are highly experienced and qualified in their field.

This suite of courses are aimed primarily at the new and aspiring manager. However, it is also a very good refresher for managers who have not been through a structured development programme before. The programme takes a modular approach which gives you plenty of tools and techniques for dealing with everyday challenges in the workplace. You also have the opportunit to learn from and with others, reflect on your own and benefit from the inspirational advice and guidance of our expert trainers.

Want a qualification? Combine our programme with one of our management qualifications:

  • CMI Level 3 in First Line Management
  • CMI Level 5 in Management & Leadership
  • SVQ3, SVQ4, SVQ5 in Management
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MODULE 1 Leadership Matters

  • Challenges you to think about your own personal leadership style and its impact on those around you.

MODULE 2 Leading Teams to Achieve High Performance

  • Examine the dynamics of high-performance teams, to help you lead your people to achieve & exceed.

MODULE 3 Developing Others

  • Focuses on how and why you should invest in your people, developing & using your coaching & mentoring skills in particular.

MODULE 4 Managing through Change

  • Discover a range of change management practices, techniques and tools that ensure your change is successful.

MODULE 5 Time Management for Managers

  • Analyse your time management to and learn strategies which help you to effectively find a better work-life balance.

MODULE 6 Performance Management

  • Learn how to achieve organizational goals through a structured process of managing the performance of your team.

MODULE 7 Challenging & Dealing with Under Performance

  • Learn how to identify and manage poor or under performance. Gain tools and strategies to support individuals to achieve.

MODULE 8 Managing Conflict

  • This is a highly practical one-day conflict management course which will address the many aspects of conflict and how best to resolve it.

We can deliver management development where, when or how your organisation needs it. We can use some or all of the following methods:



Cut time and costs by having one of the courses delivered in-house. They can be tailored specifically to the needs of the business.



Some people learn better in their own time. We can provide learning packages to study where, when and how your employees need them.

VLA Workshops

Workplace Skills

Employees can join one of our public workshops. Cut costs whilst networking and learning with others. Click here to see our schedule.

Other titles can include:

Frontline Leadership

The Front-line Leadership short course provides an introduction to people leadership in the context of front-line teams. Exploring critical success factors in establishing credibility as a front-line leader, it will assist you to identify and develop your unique leadership style.

Conflict Resolution

The Conflict Resolution short course explores the factors that drive conflict and the skills required to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes. It demonstrates a pragmatic approach that will help you deal with and resolve conflict.

Coaching & Mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring short course focuses on developing the necessary skills to facilitate a learning relationship including implementing a program and reviewing its effectiveness.

Performance Management

This course explores the end-to-end processes associated with the performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition, you will learn the skills you need to drive a performance culture and proactively address issues of diminished performance.

Building Team Performance

The Building Team Performance short course examines the dynamics of teams in the workplace and the role of a leader in creating,  nurturing and maintaining a performancebased culture. Using practical tools for setting team goals, establishing performance measures and working collaboratively, you will learn how to effectively coach and develop team members to achieve performance outcomes.

Effective Work Relationships

The Effective Workplace Relationships short course is designed to build your interpersonal skills and assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. Focusing on communication and behaviour, you will learn strategies to be more responsive to others and to foster positive workplace relationships.

People Leadership

The People Leadership short course provides you with a platform on which to build your leadership identity. Recognising that management seniority is not just about commercial accountability, you’ll learn how to become a trusted organisational figurehead who can lead and develop the workforce during times of both stability and change.

Change Management

The Change Management short course takes a look at why people resist change and the skills and qualities you need to effectively
manage change. This course provides you with the tools you need to analyse, scope, plan and implement change programs for your business.